3 Things Your Home Inspector Would Never Tell You

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3 Things Your Home Inspector Would Never Tell You I can recall back when I was a nine to five construction manager trying to move up the proverbial ladder of success, it seemed the better I was at my job, the more educated I become, the higher up in the ranks of success I was able to achieve.  Well, of course …

Not quite the answer you wanted

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When agents, Inspectors and warranty companies all say NO As a small child,  NO was a top 5 word, in your parents list of popular vocabulary words am I right? Oh sure, there were still words such as maybe, we’ll see, ask your dad, I don’t know and no. Yes, on the other hand, was a word seldom heard from …

Confusion about Collusion

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  In the old days Growing up in the cities of Los Angeles I’ve had a few jobs in my day, before I ended up as a real estate agent. I’ve groomed pets, worked as a receptionist, managed an office for a lawyer and yes, I even worked at Micky D’s. The odd thing about these jobs when compared to …

Home Buyers Dropping Home inspections

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Home Buyers Are Getting Royally Screwed By Dropping Home Inspections Buyers are dropping home inspections out of their offers in order to get the house of their dreams Buying a home has actually gotten to this? Are buyers really bartering away their right for protection by dropping home inspections from their list of “must do’s”? So, I remember as a …

Open Houses and the Truth

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The Real Purpose for Open Houses (and it aint to sell houses) For home buyers, an open house is a usually considered an opportunity to view a home which you are interested in buying, however, agents have different reasons for hosting open houses.  The most common reason that Real estate agents hold open houses is so they can prospect or meet more potential …

7 Things Real Estate Agents Do or Say that Suck

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Home Buyers Choose your Agent Wisely Its bad enough that you have to to watch the guy behind the counter of your favorite fast food joint make your food just to confirm the use of gloves or worse, that they don’t accidentally flip your burger onto the floor just to dust it off and place it back on the flat top, (not that …

Making Home Buying Great Again


Making Home buying Great Again The Mandate (or need for one) Wow, what an election season that was! With the presidential elections now behind us it makes me think…boy,  if the general public only knew the type of Tomfoolery that goes on behind the scenes of some real estate transactions, it would probably create a mandate of its own demanding change within …

No Home Is Perfect

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No house is perfect This is what every real estate agent and in some cases even the inspector will both tell you before during and after the home inspection. And you know what…? They are right, no house is perfect. Wow…Did that actually make it’s way out of my mouth? Yup, and before you fall down in amazement that I …

Home buyers, Perform Your Due diligence

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Home Buyers, Perform Your Due diligence   The due-diligence portion of your purchase is similar to courting a mate. The more bad stuff you find out the less likely you will be to pursue a relationship with that person. Although you won’t be married to a house in the literal sense, you will be married to all its issues, good …


The Rant

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The Rant is a place you can go and just tell your own story, good, bad or indifferent.


3 Core Values Every Agent Must Possess

3 Core Values Your Real Estate Agent Must Possess…or move on It seems like in today’s society it seems as if core values just simply do not exist and sometimes feels like its all about the “me” and not the “you”. With the invention of social media and cellphones, it’s as if we have gravitated away from personal one on one communication. I’m mean did you …