Whos Protecting You The Buyer?

Finding the right team to protect you

Home buyers, let’s see a show of hands of those of you who have heard that you must protect yourself at all times during the home buying process? Probably not many I’m sure. We get that in the city of Los Angeles, buying a house is the most stressful, nail biting, nerve racking, time consuming process you will ever endure. I mean really, where else does buying something mean spending hours in a complete stranger’s car, sifting through the crumb laden, sour milk smelling, sticky rear seat driving all over town for hours, walking from house to house…up and down stairs, in and out of bedrooms, in and out of closets, bathrooms burning more calories than if you had entered a marathon, all the while attempting to visualise yourself, your better half, the dog, the cat your 4 children and that dang rabbit you’ve tried to get rid of countless times all living harmonously within the confines of each dwelling. We get that buying a house is fun, exciting, nerve racking and time consuming, but when you’re wrapped up in the 10,000 emotions 24/7 during this time, how much thought do you give to your protection?

Corruption huh? Thats a pretty strong word isn’t it? As long as there is the opportunity for individuals to pocket such large sums of money some people will eventually get immune to it, expect it which thus creates the thirst for more. It’s that thirst for more which is in my opinion the catalyst for such unethical, immoral and yes wait for it…. corrupt behavior.HBA

Protection? From what or who?

protection in real estate los angelesWell, allow me to help illuminate this topic for those of you who were under the impression that everyone involved in a real estate transaction cares more about YOU, the people buying the property than a paycheck. That all real estate agents were looking out for your best interests, more than the commission. That lenders are working feverishly to get you the lowest rate known to man and that home inspectors are somehow going to forget who pays their bills by way of endless referrals and go beyond their typical inspection protocol to give you the most thorough assessment of a structure ever witnessed. Right…

Our primary concern is that home buyers are protected from those who wish only to profit from the transaction as quickly as possible and not provide protection in the form of exceptional service,  first. Our secondary concerns are that the buyers understand that although the process of buying house is fun and exciting, there are serious consequences for making poor judgment calls and decisions and being trusting of everyone involved, even if they are your family, friends or whatever… no one is immune to the allure of making money, and lets face it,  money can have a weird affect on people.

For those in the real estate industry who work hard for their clients, bravo… but don’t break your arm trying to pat yourself on the back…really, its whats expected of you.

To all my buyers, you have to understand that there are those within this industry who are in this business because frankly, its easy money. Okay sure, we can all have a debate on how “easy” the money really is but it’s sufficient to say that as a real estate agent you are not going to dig a ditch for 30 days and make 5,000, 10,000 or 20K for it. And the same goes for the home inspectors who’s job is a heck of a lot more labor intensive than those of real estate agents but still, I’d be willing to bet that 95% of all inspectors get 95% of their primary source of referred business from these same real estate agents.

Like it or hate it…This site is about protection and information… thats it. (BTW, if the information in this site offends, you may wish to self-reflect because look out, you are probably being convicted)

In this Blog, we focus our energy on the real estate agent and the home inspector. The two individuals (aside from the lender of course), who in my opinion have more influence over the home buyer and the outcome of the purchase of real property than any other player in the deal.

From our perspective and having been in the real estate business for the better part of my life, personally I’d say there have been a great many changes, some good and some not so good. What seems to never change, however, is the love of the almighty dollar. And “the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil”. I’m not going to debate the need for money in order to sustain life in this blog but the main point I’d like to get across to the buyer is that there are individuals within every real estate transaction who need and depend on “getting the deal done”, and some will conduct themselves in a manner which would make even Mother Teresa blush.

Corrupt real estate agentsPlease understand that our intentions are not to blatantly discriminate against Los Angeles real estate agents or Los Angeles home inspectors individually but we feel it’s where the most corrupt-like behavior exists in real estate. Corruption huh? Thats a pretty strong word isn’t it? We’ll lets look at what Google says about this word…


kəˈrəpt/ adjective

  1. having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.  Synonyms: dishonest, unscrupulous, dishonorable, unprincipled, unethical, amoral, untrustworthy, venal, underhanded, double-dealing, fraudulent….

Home Buyers Advocate

Oh ya…, I’d say that corrupt is a word that best fits the real estate business as a whole. As long as there is the opportunity for individuals to pocket such large sums of money some people will eventually get immune to it, expect it which thus creates the thirst for more. It’s that thirst for more which is in my opinion the catalyst for such unethical, immoral and yes wait for it…. corrupt behavior.

One can argue that lenders should be added to this list, but I disagree. I disagree because although they are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, they don’t seem to have much of a hand in the direction or outcome of the real estate deal while in motion when compared to these other players within the real estate transaction. I mean buyers will choose a lender based on a whole list of criteria and if the lender can perform, he / she gets the job. Their place in the transaction doesn’t typically move and if it does, it’s usually rate changes and such which may be beyond their control, but I digress.

So to home buyers just a word of caution if I may. When it comes to the largest investment of your lifetime, become a cynic, at least for a few weeks. Even if your Agent or home inspector are your dad’s brothers best friends cousin…, trust but verify. Just remember this…, when the deal is done the house is yours. You will inherit everything about the house. It’s location, the neighbors, the crime, the school that’s 100 feet away (and you know this because there is never parking in front of your new house), as well as all damage or problems within the building, discovered or not by your home inspector.

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  2. Good info here. I’ve bought a couple houses and the article seems to be pretty much on point. Good read.

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