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The Rant is a place you can go and just tell your own story, good, bad or indifferent.

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  1. Had a terrible home inspection a few months ago and went with who I thought was thorough based on what my agent said. I did research him but didn’t really find anything too alarming. It’s impossible to know who is good and who is not I suppose.

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    Thank you for the comment. We consider ourselves as equal opportunity “bashers” lol. Actually it’s not our intention to bash anyone really, it just seems that way because we talk the truth and it sounds terrible and thus reads terrible on internet paper. But thank you again AZinspector person.

  3. I found your site through an inspection forum that I am a member of and I have to say that I found the articles to be funny as well as informative and genuine, I am a home inspector myself, however, I do not reside in California but what is interesting is how similar the issues are from state to state. Here, the real estate agent hands out a list much like there with 3 names. I agree that the list should never be used but I also know that many home inspectors depend on this referral system as a way to make their living.
    I also noticed that you seem to bash inspectors quite a bit. In all fairness, You do seem to separate the inspectors who are just skating by not proving a real service to their client. It’s these inspectors who give us a bad name by undercharging and providing a less-than service. I have been inspecting for 25 years and I’ve seen a lot in my day. In the old days, agents did not play such a large role in the inspection process. I would agree that agents have way too much to do with the inspection process now.

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